RMB archiver

This is a tool that lets you download the messages in a region's Regional Message Board (RMB) and save them to a text file, in a neat-ish format.
As this tool takes a long time to run and generates a large output file, it is not available online. You must download the tool on your computer to run it.
The tool is available both as a command-line utility (rmb.py or rmb.exe, works on any OS) and a simpler graphical front end (rmbgui.exe, Windows only). The graphical front end works only on Windows since it is written with Visual Basic 6.
NS forum thread: click here
GitHub repository: click here


Source download (command-line tool only)

This works on any OS. Python (version 3.6 or above) must be installed. After installing Python, save rmb.py and run it with Python. Help is available with the option --help.

Windows executables (command-line and graphical)

An executable exe file of the command-line tool is available, which works on Windows without needing to install Python. For Windows, the graphical front end is also available (also as an exe). See here for help on the graphical tool.
To download, go to the Releases page on GitHub and download the latest zip archive. Extract this in a folder; the files rmb.exe (command-line) and rmbgui.exe (graphical) are the executables. Do not delete or move the other files, they are essential.
The source code is available under the GNU General Public License, version 3.
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