Help on the graphical version of the RMB tool

Also accessible by the "Help" Button in the tool.

The main window, as seen when the graphical program starts up
When the program starts up, the above window is displayed. After you are finished filling the details required, click "Start". An error message will appear if you have not filled in a required detail. If not, the following confirmation appears:
confirmation message
Review the details and click "OK" to start the archiving. The following windows will open:
archive start message console window
The second window is the console window. This outputs the number of messages archived, every 100 messages. Do not close it, doing so will end the archiving entirely. The first window is the message showing the archiving has started. This along with the input window can be safely closed.

More help

The graphical version has not been well tested. If you have any questions or problems, e-mail me at merni dot ns at protonmail dot ch or send me a telegram.
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