Endorsement checker

This tool shows you who isn't endorsing a region's WA Delegate (or any other nation) in a region.
"Condensed" output is useful for manually telegramming these nations.
Check endorsements given to

Output format:

About 1.5 seconds of delay are built into the script, in a very dumb attempt at complying with NS API rate limits. The web host is also likely to be slow sometimes, since it's free. So please don't complain about slow load times!
If you get any errors, check your input and try again after a minute or so. If the error persists, contact me (see below).
If the web version of this script is buggy, very slow, etc. then download it from the GitHub link below and use it on your computer.
Script by NationStates user Merni.
Source at Github.
Send questions, suggestions, error reports etc. to me through NS telegram (preferred) or at merni at merni dot heliohost dot org.
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